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Practice Mission Statement

Our progressive eyecare team is dedicated to providing comprehensive vision and eye health examinations in a pleasant, personable and professional environment.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards, advanced instrumentation, and the enjoyment of nurturing the long-term relationships with each of our patients and their families and friends.

We are committed to providing patients with quality and care by:

  • Exceeding our patient's expectations

  • Providing quality products

  • Offering excellence in service

  • Providing a professional and friendly environment

  • Employing trained and personable staff

  • Working together with your family doctor / allied healthcare professionals to ensure your general health needs are met


Eye Examinations:  Your Eyes Are Your Windows to Wellness

While most people recognize the importance of quality eyecare for maintaining good vision, many are unaware of the overall eye health management that Dr. Yip has always provided, and how an annual eye exam can work in concert with your overall health maintenance program.

Did you know that your eyes are the only part of your body that provides an unobstructed view of your blood vessels?  In fact, your eyes are like “windows to wellness.”  During an annual eye exam, Dr. Yip is checking for both visual wellness and overall health, including the following key tests:

  •  Health history and risk

  • Neurological integrity and pupil response

  • Glaucoma screening

  • Dilated retinal exam (when appropriate)

  • Visual system, including refraction, binocular function and visual fields

Each test is necessary and allows your doctor to evaluate a different aspect of your vision and eye health. 

Click here for detailed information regarding eye examinations and other services offered at our clinic.


Your Eyes Can Tell a Story

Because the condition of your blood vessels and retina (inside the eye) can be so telling, it is not unusual for Dr. Yip to notice a number of health conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, carotid artery disease and even tumors.

Some other serious, but manageable optical conditions that may be discovered in a thorough eye exam include:

  • Amblyopia:   Leading cause of vision impairment in children, ages 0 to 18 years old

  • Diabetic Eye Conditions:   Leading cause of blindness between the ages of 19 to 65 years old

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration:   Leading cause of blindness in those over 85

  • Cataracts:  Leading cause of blindness worldwide

  • Glaucoma:  Leading cause of blindness for select racial group

Even if you have clear vision, only a regular & complete eye exam can ensure that your eyes are healthy.  Many eye diseases can cause permanent damage without warning or symptoms. Our eye health services strive to detect potentially sight-threatening conditions by raising public awareness to detect and treat conditions.  Click here to learn more about common eye conditions and diseases.



Visual acuity refers to the clarity or clearness of one’s vision, a measure of how well a person sees.  If there is a change in the clarity of your vision, you should inform your eyecare professional.  Blurred vision has been cited to be the most common reason for people to get an eye exam.  This is an unfortunate fact, because in the early stages of many sight-threatening conditions the clarity of your vision may not be affected.  Thus, it is important to check your eye health and vision.

Myth:  An eye exam is only necessary if you're having vision problems.

Fact:  Everyone should follow a proper eye health program that includes a regular eye exam to monitor eye health status.


When to get an Eye Examination

Many factors will influence when you should have   an eye examination, and during your exam the optometrist will weigh these factors in deciding when you should be seen again. If you or someone you care about has difficulty at school, diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of glaucoma or work with computers, an annual eye examination is highly advised.

Patients in each age group may be classified as being at low risk or high risk for ocular or vision problems. The minimum recommended frequency of examination for those at low risk is as follows:

·       Infants and toddlers - By age 6 months

·       Children - Annually

·       Adult (20 to 64 years) - Every one to two years

·       Older adult (65 years and older) - Annually


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